p-Planning: (Natural Resources, Transport and Infrastructure)

Planning for proper balance of Air, Water, Food, Housing, Clothes,

n-Tourism Culture (Niche Tourism, Media & Entertainment)

Promoting and marketing local art, culture & tourism. Local heritage,

n-Power (natural-Power)

Khushigram not only generates power by natural sources to fulfill it’s usages

n-Health (natural-Health & Wellness)

Doctors will be invited and treatment of local people at district level

n-Agri (natural-Agriculture)

An Agri-Centre will be developed where natural farming without using

i-Livelihoods (Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology)

Innovations and technologies from grassroots, (also jugaad) to

g-Education (gurukul-Education)

The purpose of Gurukul education is to not only bring the most

e-Enabling (Empower – Inclusive)

Collating and marketing tools, equipments, methodologies and gazettes that

Promoter – Ajit Kumar

Ajit Kumar has since age of 10 years working as Planner, Organiser, Institution Builder bringing Diverse and Prominent groups together, Speaker, External Examiner, Advisor, Teacher, innovator, entrepreneur, mentor and motivator working on SDGs targeting 10 mn Sustainable and Satisfying Livelihoods in villages and small cities through Agri plus combining Natural Farming, Bioenergy, Horticulture, Food Processing, Animal Husbandry. He is Founder, Khushigram, Social & Green Platform for Integration & Aggregation across sectors. Khushigram was born based on Interactions with many Presidents, Prime Ministers, UN Heads, Noble Laureates and Wisest people on Planet today and in Past. It is Partnership based model (companies, organisations, governments for PPPs & individuals) from National to Household Level. (Read More)