Services » n-Agri (natural-Agriculture)

An Agri-Centre will be developed where natural farming without using pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, weedicides, insecticides is grown. The focus area of n-Agri will be in the following categories:
1. Agri Counseling: Advice, Advocacy & Awareness
2. Cultivation: Vegetable, fruits and plants of medicinal value
3. Natural Diary – Milk, ghee, butter, paneer, cheese, sweets from milk of Desi Cow and Goats
4. Food processing unit: for production & packaging unit of Jam, pickle, sauce, papad and fruits
5. Natural energy drinks made up of fruits and vegetables
6. Seed Bank: for conservation and distribution of natural seeds
7. Natural manure from Cow Dung & Urine
8. Construction and Rejuvenation of Ponds, Lakes and Water Bodies for Water Recharge and productions of healthy products like Makhana
9. Greenhouse centre: to promote plantation at local level & floriculture
10. Cold Storage Units and Warehouses: to help local farmers store all kinds of items