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The purpose of Gurukul education is to not only bring the most relevant global education, training, skill development and awareness at local level but also with the help of technology, impact large population of India and help them earn a decent life and a suitable livelihood. E-Learning materials which are widely available to the global population will be used blended with the help of facilitator in classroom and visit to the operational centres to see and do the practical work at the local level to impart education, training and skill development activities. One of the uniqueness of the teaching methodologies is using more visuals rather than textual content and focus is on simplified and innovative learning approaches with the help of practical tools and visits to relevant places. This move is towards self-sufficiency at local level by:

  1. Educational Counseling: Advice, Advocacy, Awareness and Career Counseling
  2. School education with focus on activities and fun based behavioural and soft skill training as per age, aptitude and need using traditional and modern means and strong values and ethos
  3. Nurturing employable youth by developing their soft skills, language skills and computer literacy
  4. Skill training as per the aptitude and capabilities
  5. Train the Trainer programmes using Instructional Design methodologies for teachers of schools and colleges at local level
  6. International Institutes for Development would be set up to study the Development needs of the villages, blocks and district and prepare reports and organise advocacy campaigns for action bring all relevant stakeholders together