About Us » Mission and Vision

Vision: To rejuvenate Indian traditional wisdom, culture, proven age old practices by blending latest technology, best practices modern approach and making it available at all districts for a Happy India.

Mission: To build a Happy Nation by integrating best traditional and modern approaches through:

  • p-Planning:  Planning for proper balance of Air, Water, Food, Housing, Clothes, Education, Wellness, Waste Management, Transport, Safety, Security, Radiation and Disaster free areas and Green Infrastructure, Logistics & Rural Marts
  • g-Education: Imparting most relevant education with life skills and values under age old Gurukul pattern along with latest technology to ensure learning on sustainable and eco friendly living for all
  • n-Agri: Growing natural and nutritious food and agro-based products with the help of indigenous livestock and farming methods. Create associated infrastructure and technologies like warehouses, cold chain and smart logistics
  • n-Health: Providing best medical counseling and treatment at local level blending age old knowledge and new technology
  • n-Power: Generating power to support local needs from eco friendly sources like solar, wind, biomass, biogas, small hydro, waste to energy, mechanical energy from cattle and bicycle
  • e-Enable: Empower – Make Accessible & Inclusive
  • l-Livelihoods-Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology: Innovations that can optimize the process, reduce cost, make easy to use, eco friendly and convenient
  • e-Culture-Tourism: Promoting and marketing local art, culture & tourism.