Services » n-Tourism Culture (Niche Tourism, Media & Entertainment)

Promoting and marketing local art, culture & tourism. Local heritage, Folk and classical art will also be documented in print and digital formats, Providing right information and knowledge through media vehicles like wall newspaper, community radio, mobile news, OOH, PAC

Khushigrams will also be centres for rural, and spiritual, eco – agri – farm for wellness, heritage, art, edu -tourism and culture. This can be achieved at local level by:

1. Promotion of local tourism: Local tourism will be promoted by providing information using internet, website and blogging and our partner networks
2. Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Sufi, Christian, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Maurya, Gupta, Chola, Satavahana, Pallava, Vijaynagar, Maratha, Rajputana, Mughal, Independence War circuits will be created and strengthened around these sites. These will be around prominent people from all sectors like war veterans, social leaders, scientists, reformers, sages, writer, warriors, emperors, innovators, teachers
3. Few cottages and decorated horse-cart and bullock-cart and a small museum
4. Local people will be promoted to market and sell their handicraft items, hand made materials through this
5. Local dance, song and culture will be promoted by providing platform and sponsors.
6. Art, Cultural events and festivals will be regularly organised by the Students and artists