Services » i-Livelihoods (Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology)

Innovations and technologies from grassroots, (also jugaad) to big metros to optimize the process, reduce costs, improve easy to use, create eco-friendly and convenient product. Efforts will be made to promote entrepreneurship, science, technology and innovation among the rural and local people and help them in planning, developing and marketing their products.

Rural BPOs, CSCs, Inbound call centre will be opened to provide information through phone. For this local resources to be used for the best regional and original content.

The Centres will have facilities for doing outsourced work for e-governance, national and international organisations and companies. This will include:

  1. Media Outsourcing, Printing
  2. KPO, LPO and BPO
  3. Skill Development, Capacity Building & Training
  4. Other work

Khushigrams will have Common Service Centres (CSCs), Information Kiosk and Media Centre, for doing research, training and producing print, online, radio and TV, OOH (Out of Home) content and programmes. It would also undertake advertising, PR, Events, online promotions. This can be achieved at local level by:

  1. General Awareness and Advocacy: Information about sanitation, health, environment, government policies, market condition, weather, etc shall be provided to local people.
  2. Right information at right time: for local people from the information desk at a nominal fee using internet.
  3. This information desk could also be used by the organisations on rent to promote their products.
  4. Incentive mechanism will be launched for the local people to furnish news to the centre.